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Pure Vape
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Pure Vape for sale


Pure Vape for sale. Pure Vape is a long-established licensed cannabis company located in Southern California.  Pure Vape is the best hitting cartridge available on the market today combined with the cleanest and highest potency oil that bursts with natural flavors. Enjoy all natural, 100% solvent-free cannabis concentrate with nearly anything. The Pure Syringes are also ideal for precise dosing and oil conservation. The original Pure Vape cartridge is a 5 time HempCon award winner. Every batch is handcrafted with organic sun-grown cannabis distilled by a solvent-free process. Buy PURE Vape THC oil vape cartridges online from our online shop today!

Pure Vape is a long-established licensed cannabis company located in Southern California. Their company was founded in 2007 with their core values being very simple: delivering the highest quality and consistency , through a brand name you can rely on. Using a proprietary triple distilled oil, all of their products are pure, organic, unadulterated, and 100% solvent free . They assign vigorous testing to all of their products as to assure they remain pesticide free, allowing their consumers to have the utmost flavor profile experience possible. Pure Vape was proud to bring home a HempCon Cup for “Best New Product” and “Best Cartridge” at HempCon 2016.

They carry an array of stylish vape products that cater to the socially conscious cannabis user looking for wellness and a true cannabis taste. They are available in THC, CBD and 50/50. Their products are Prop 215 compliant and can be found below.


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