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Can Cannabis Help You Deal With Lupus?

Autoimmune disorders can be seriously tedious for victims. These disorders have no fixed cure and mitigating the symptoms are the best you can do. While conventional medications are there to treat such disorders, their efficacy is not always good and risk of some side effects remain. Lupus is one such example. It is an inflammation producing autoimmune … Read more

Are Cannabis Topicals Effective For Treating Headaches?

Cannabis, since ancient times, has served as a source of medicine for people; the stigma and lack of mass perception about it notwithstanding. Plant extracts have been found useful in treating ailments and a variety of conditions like insomnia, aches, inflammation, and depression. With time, newer ways to use cannabis to get relief from ailments have been discovered. So now, … Read more

How Do You Know That Your Vape Cartridge Is Not Fake

Last year’s disturbing trend of vaping-associated pulmonary disorders has already made lots of people sick and killed many. There are different ways to avert the risk of vaping a contaminated product. Read on to understand how you can tell a fake vape cartridge from an authentic one. Steer Clear of the Illicit BlackMarket Buy vape cartridges only from a … Read more