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Does CBD Interfere With Your Sleeping Routine?

People can go to any length to get profound sleep at night. However, for a number of reasons, millions of women and men fail to get proper sleep these days. The reasons can include illness, stress, lifestyle issues, and lack of proper ambiance. This can happen to people for all age groups – literally.

It is a common practice to resort to sleeping pills but doing so can lead to a number of side effects. By default, the human body grows resistant to the usage of such medications on a regular basis – which can be problematic. However, using natural alternatives to fight sleeping problems is a way out and cannabis is deemed as a suitable contender in this regard.

Using CBD For Sleeping Better

Cannabis has been used since ancient times to offer relief from insomniaand sleeping woes. The plant has many compounds and a major one is CBD. It has a proven calming effect on the nerves. It is also non-intoxicating in nature.

This has prompted a lot of cannabis users to resort to CBD based products and strains to get better sleep. However, medical professionals think it is a wrong approach to use CBD strains and products randomly to tackle sleeping woes.

Lack Of Solid Scientific Evidence That CBD Itself Induces Better Sleep

The medical community is divided in its opinion regarding CBD’s relation with a profound sleep. It is true that consuming CBD heavy cannabis strains usually calms down the nerves and these strains have a sedating effect on the users – leading to deep sleep.

However, the detractors point out that such cannabis strains also contain many other compounds than CBD, and their traits are yet to be explored fully by science. It has been found that some of the high CBD cannabis strains also have a compound named myrcene – which is a type of sedating terpene. Therefore, it is hard to determine if it is CBD or myrcene that is inducing sleep in the users.

It is also possible that both compounds are working together to generate that sedating effect. Only a handful of studies carried out on cannabis have focused on using CBD as a sleeping aid so far.

A portion of doctors who support the usage of medical cannabis thinks CBD may not act as a sleeping agent in humans directly. Instead, it helps in reducing the level of stress and anxiety in the nerves and brain. This, in turn, helps the users become relaxed and fall asleep easily. It is a fact that elevated levels of stress and anxiety lead to sleeping problems.

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