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Can Cannabis Help You Deal With Lupus?

Autoimmune disorders can be seriously tedious for victims. These disorders have no fixed cure and mitigating the symptoms are the best you can do. While conventional medications are there to treat such disorders, their efficacy is not always good and risk of some side effects remain.

Lupus is one such example. It is an inflammation producing autoimmune disease that impacts the body joints, and skin. In some cases, it can also impact vital organs like the heart and brain. Cure for this disease is still not there but using Cannabis can bring better results compared to traditional medication, say cannabis experts. It sounds logical since Cannabis usually brings relief from inflammation well.

How Lupus can Manifest in Your Body and What are the Causes

The symptoms of Lupus are varied and these include fatigue, fever, joint pain, chest painheadaches, hardship in breathing, and swelling. The severity of such signs can vary from one victim to another. It manifests usually as systemic lupus erythematosus and that targets many organs in the human body. It may also target organs like kidneys and CNS.

The cause of Lupus is not well understood by medical science – yet. The roots can be in genetic or environmental factors, and in some cases, both factors can come into play. The triggers may include antibiotics, sunlight, or infections. If the CNS and brain get affected, headaches, dizziness, strokes can take place. It can also lead to blood clotting and anemia. If left untreated, the risk of bone tissue death, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and pneumonia can increase. It can also aggravate pregnancy-related complications.

Cannabis as an Option to Treat Cases of Lupus

As is the case with other autoimmune disorders, the victims can at best seek treatment for controlling the severity of the symptoms. Apart from using the treatment prescription medications to get relief, it is also possible to use cannabis for the same purpose.

As a matter of fact, little research has been done on cannabis’s impact on treating cases of lupus. However, a few studies do exist and the findings are largely encouraging. Those who have tried cannabis to treat Lupus have found it largely helpful. These users have found relief from pain and are experiencing better mental-related feelings. The cannabis law-related hassles make things more complicated for the patients as they find it hard to discuss the issue with their doctors.

The reality is that Lupus patients are often given medications with toxicside effects. A portion of them have switched to using cannabis and they have found relief from the side effects of such medications thereafter. However, the victims have also found better results by combining cannabis with exercise and dietary regulations.

Understanding the Role of Cannabis in Treating Lupus

The fact is, lupus is characterized by two major symptoms – pain and inflammation. Cannabis works great on both and so using it can be prudent. Using cannabis increases interleukin-10 – the anti-inflammatory protein in the body. It also suppresses the overactive immune system. Cannabis also helps control symptoms of lupus-like abdominal cramping and nausea. These are often caused by prescribed drugs like Plaquenil and Corticosteroids.

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