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Are Cannabis Topicals Effective For Treating Headaches?

Cannabis, since ancient times, has served as a source of medicine for people; the stigma and lack of mass perception about it notwithstanding.

Plant extracts have been found useful in treating ailments and a variety of conditions like insomnia, aches, inflammation, and depression.

With time, newer ways to use cannabis to get relief from ailments have been discovered. So now, you can smoke or vape cannabis, eat edibles, use tinctures or opt for microdosing.

Using Cannabis Topicals to Cure Migraines

Cannabis is said to be effective in mitigating headaches. However, smoking or vaping is not the only way. A portion of cannabis lovers think that applying cannabis oils or creams can bring better relief from headaches. The medical community is divided into its opinion on this, partly owing to the lack of necessary research.

Medical practitioners who recommend medical cannabis agree that using cannabis topical can be beneficial for treating headaches. It has strong anti-inflammatory benefits. The topicals are used extensively for treating joint-type pain, skin rashes, and muscle pain in humans.

What is the Catch?

Using cannabis topical for headache is fine, but you have to get the facts clear. The cannabinoids do not get into the bloodstream through the skin as fast as they do through smoking or edibles.

The majority of headaches are triggered by blood vessels in your brain. Preclinical trials for the transdermal patches breaching the bloodstream have been carried out but it is too early to say with certainty if they will work wonders for alleviating headaches.

While using cannabis topicals can help in reducing headaches, doctors say it is not a clear cut solution for all individuals suffering from headaches. First of all, It does not work the same on all types of pains. In the case of osteoarthritis, applying topical at the affected part of the body can bring relief.

However, headaches are a bit more complex and not all headaches are caused by the same reason. It is important to find the underlying cause of the headache – is it a tension caused headache that commences at the base of your skull.?

Cannabis, however, can be useful in treating migraine headaches, which fall in a separate category. Experts say that a number of migraine symptoms like sensitivity to light, pain, and nausea can be reduced by the application of CBD. A number of studies also corroborate this theory.

The Entourage Effect Matters

Medical experts say that cannabis has proven entourage effects, and cannabinoids work in a synergistic manner with others. These include the plant’s terpenes, many botanical compounds, and flavonoids. Eventually, it can augment the impact of active compounds when out in a topical solution like cream or ointment.

What Else do I Need to Consider?

Before you buy any cannabis topicals for alleviating headaches or any kind of pain, a few things have to be analyzed. These are:

  • You need to check out the ingredients used in the cannabis topical solution. It is better if it contains CBD in the right amounts. This is because it is CBD which has anti-inflammatory properties. You also need to check out the other ingredients.
  • You should ideally check out reviews of the cannabis topical online before buying it. Checking in online cannabis social media groups and forums can be helpful in this regard.
  • You may also get useful advice on such topical products from expert budtenders in popular cannabis dispensaries.
  • The cannabis topicals may contain many other compounds and you may be allergic to some ingredients. Therefore, for the first time, you may buy a small pack and apply it with caution.

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